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Are You Good Enough to Make it as a Writer?

“Nobody gives a shit.”

Kimberlee Jakobe
4 min readApr 20, 2022


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Writing out loud is scary! That’s what I call it when we share our writing with people. We all worry if we’re good enough to “write out loud.” I think because Medium is a site for writers that causes us to feel insecure, judged, or uncertain more so than on Facebook or Twitter.

No one Likes to be Judged.

Shake it off! Who cares if they judge. You’re working toward your dream! That is the crucial part, and your quality will improve with doing. That is how we learn. Don’t skimp on the process.

This very thing happened to me, someone pointed out one of my [many] mistakes in an article, and I looked at my writing, and I saw the problem; however, I didn’t see a better way to convey my thoughts.

So I left it.

I’m hoping the wonderful teachers that follow me don’t “red pen my profile” for that statement, but sometimes, perfection is the enemy of good.

I’m never going to be a perfectionist. It’s not in my scope of skills. Hell, most days, I’m shocked Grammarly doesn’t burst into flames from my cursing, slang words, and flagrant abuse of the English language.

However, I [mostly] appreciate it when people point out my mistakes constructively. “Steel sharpens steel,” as the saying goes. But some days, those little nudges can poke our tender-writer feelings.

Life is tough, and I don’t care how tough you think you are; our feelings get hurt, and then we punish ourselves (in various ways) because we weren’t taught how to accept constructive criticism.

But if you’re new, uncertain, still learning, or having a bad day- one comment can be the difference between a fantastic day and a day filled with self-doubt, grappling for a quick fix on Google, or binging on a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.

What To Do if This Happens to You?

Don’t let it make you afraid to post if this happens to you. Do NOT let it discourage you from writing. Do these things instead.

  • Don’t ignore the advice. Read the advice
  • Shake off whatever negatives your brain tried to…



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