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How I Made $450.00 Writing One Article About Elon Musk — 7 Lessons Can Help You Too!

Kimberlee Jakobe
4 min readJul 7, 2022


Not a brag post, encouragement only — you can do it!

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The first time I wrote on Medium, I was terrified. It felt like first grade all over again because I lacked self-confidence. The learning curve was steep because I had taken a break from social media for several years.

I read all the great writers on Medium. Then I met many other writers who are now significant to me and learned as much as possible. The best lessons proved to be true.

Here’s what I learned from writing this article two months ago and why it worked better and made more money than all of my other articles combined!

  • Write about a trending subject.
  • Write about controversial subjects.
  • Write about what you’re passionate about
  • Keep writing; you never know what will go big and what won’t
  • Research! Don’t skimp on the research! It’s like letting your slip show.
  • Self-promote! Self-promote! Self-promote!
  • Pin your best, most likely to succeed article to your Twitter profile

I wrote “Hell Hath No Fury Like a Billionaire Dumped for a Trans Woman” and pinned it to my profile on Twitter. Then whenever Elon Musk was trending, I would drop the link into several topics.

Around the time this article was first published, I had two tweets that went viral, and one had over 115,000 views.

There was no intention to be controversial with the viral tweets — but they definitely were! However, they had nothing to do with Ellon Musk. In one day I received over 1,500 views on my Medium profile and this article.You can see that day on May 15 on the chart below.

FYI The off-site views don’t make us any money, but they give you the chance to meet more people, which is priceless.

I published the article below on May 1, 2022, and it has made $450.16 to date, July 06, 2022.

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Billionaire Dumped for a Trans Woman



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